So I had all these wonderful plans to sit down and write out the rest of the timeline up until now…

and it didn’t happen…
somehow between my 3 kiddos, monogramming and day to day living in our crazy house… I just didn’t get a chance to finish our story up until this point…
But there is NO time now cause’ we are headed to China TOMORROW to get our sweet Lucy girl!!!!
I am soooooooooo excited! I’m nervous. There are so many unknowns…but our God KNOWS each and every thing about our sweet Lucy and He has gone before us! (reminds me of the Casting Crowns song: Already There…. when I’m lost in the mystery, to you the future is a memory, cause You’re already there, You’re already there….)
So…here is a timeline of our trip. I’ll be blogging while we are there and so you can “follow by email” and see our updates!! 
June 20: ATL airport around 10pm and leave at 12:30am
June 22: Arrive in Nanchang
June 23: Lucy’s Gotcha Day…we get our girl!!
June 24: Sign all paperwork for official adopting of Lucy
June 25: In Nanchang
June 26: In Nanchang
June 27: In Nanchang
June 28: Fly to Guangzhou (where the US Embassy is located)
June 29: Medical checkup for Lucy at Embassy
June 30: ??? Not really sure what we do this day
July 1: Our Consulate appointment
July 2: Pickup paperwork and go to consulate for more paperwork
July 3: Head home
July 4: Arrive back in ATL around 11:30am
Please pray for our journey! This is the first time Chad has ever been out of the country…He’s a wee bit nervous. 🙂 Please pray for our sweet Lucy that God is already preparing her heart for us to be her momma and daddy!! 🙂
Can’t wait to tell you more about our trip!!

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