When God said that He had plans to prosper and not to harm us (Jeremiah 29:11), I know He meant it. I know He meant it when we are on top of the mountain of life and things are going great and I know He meant it when we are in the trenches of the valley and life is so hard you can barely breathe. I believe that our awesome and great God loves us so deeply that He doesn’t desire for us to live in the trenches… But we live in a fallen world that is full of sin, sickness, hunger, loneliness, abandonment, and death. 

But there is an answer to all of the hard worldly “trenches” that so many people have or will expeience. The answer is knowing Jesus and having a personal relationship with Him. When we admit we are sinners, accept Him in our hearts and lives and commit fully to Him, we have an eternal home in heaven. Heaven doesn’t have any of those hard trenches to walk through… It’s the end goal… The place where we will be with Jesus forever!! 

If you read my previous blog, you knew that we were awaiting results that could change our sweet Lucy’s life and make her future not so bright… It was results that I had come to terms with that if she indeed had Fanconi Anemia, that I was ready to put on my armor and fight for Lucy and give her everything I could her and we would get through it, some how, some way….
Today we got the phone call from the doctor and her test results were NEGATIVE!!! Our baby girl won’t face the struggles from that blood disorder. I was crying and so so so thankful!!! Our baby girl has been through so much and she is such a fighter. I’m just thankful that this won’t be one of her hurdles!! 
The results to the other blood test did show that her 4th chromosome has a small part that is duplicated and that is the cause of her physical abnormalities. That is the “why” and honestly, it is not anything that we didn’t already know and LOVE about our sweet Lucy!! 
We are thankful and praising Jesus for happy news today! Thank you EVERYONE who lifted our family and our sweet Lucy Lu up to Jesus and prayed! We felt peace in knowing whatever the results were that God was going to guide each step of the way! We are still trusting Him that Lucy will heal from her hip surgery completely and will one day walk and run and skip and hop and play with her siblings! 🙂  
Tonight we celebrate another victory! Thank you, Jesus!!

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