I want to officially introduce your to our newest daughter, 
Lucy Catherine Anping Haun. 
(her name means: Light Pure-one Peace)
We received Pre approval to adopt her on March 4…
but I’m just now getting to actually blogging about it!!
Born November 7, 2011
Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen? (Besides my other 3 babies?) 🙂
She is currently 17 months old. She has a heart defect (ASD, VSD, PDA), ptosis of the eye, and a polydactyl thumb (she can do 2 thumbs up with one hand) 🙂
We are not sure if she has had heart surgery or not, but we hope to get an update soon!!
These are some of the earliest pics we have of her from her file.
I just think she is so incredibly precious!!

See…2 thumbs up!! (pure genius)

 These pics of her are from June 11, 2012. (7 months old)

 This is the most recent pics we have of her. She is a tiny thing and this momma can’t wait to put a big BOW in that hair!! 🙂 I just can’t wait to get her home…it’s been quite the journey. But she is SO worth the long wait!!

In my next few posts, I’ll be telling our amazing story of how God brought Lucy into our lives. 🙂

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