Hey everyone!

I hope your summer has been amazing!!

FIRST an update on our family and then some BIG news!!!! (stay tuned)

 Lucy, who had reconstructive hip surgery in April, finally got her big Spica cast off on July 21 and it was a glorious day!!! She is in a brace for a couple weeks to help her hip slowly regain motion and strength… but I’ll take that brace any day compared to a big cast! 🙂 So, Lucy is a rockstar and doing awesome. The other 3 kiddos are growing like weeds and are awesome in every way! God is so good and even in the hard times, this life is full of JOY.

Here are some pics from the summer…

We also celebrated Lucy’s 1 year GOTCHA DAY!!!! How amazing that it has been one year of having this sweet baby in our arms??? How amazing in every single way!!!! This pic just shows you our sweet baby girl neglected, malnourished, abandoned… I only post it because I hope it stirs your heart to move and do something… 
don’t be idle…
just do something…
This baby girl was thought of as “unadoptable”!!

Sick? Unadoptable? Unchangeable? Not able to be fixed?
Haven’t we all been there? 
Isn’t is hard to come back to Jesus when you feel like you have to clean up your act and change your life before you can fall back into His arms?
 Or even to come to Him for the first time if you feel like your life is no where near God’s heart??
And that is so far from the truth!! 
The Truth: 
Jesus takes us just as we ARE! 
He adopted us as HIS children!!!!
He takes our broken and makes it beautiful!!
Lucy’s story in a nutshell is the just how Jesus sees us:
Lucy was sick, neglected, malnourished, abandoned…. Before we have Jesus into our life, we are the exact same way.
Lucy’s heart needed to be fixed through open heart surgery… isn’t that the same thing Jesus does with our hearts… he fixes it first?
Lucy needed tubes in her ears so she could hear… after Jesus fixes our hearts, he opens our ears so we can hear His voice!
Lucy needed eye surgery & glasses so she could physically see… our spiritual eyes have to be “fixed” and adjusted so that we can see Him and change any area of our life that needs to be changed.
Lucy couldn’t walk because she had a bad hip that wouldn’t allow her to and needed physical surgery to fix it… Jesus helps us on our journey and fixes our bad hips, so that we can “walk” straight paths with Him!! He wants on on the straight and narrow path… not on the wide road that this world is on!
In a nutshell, Lucy’s story is just like our story with God! He took us in just as we were and loved us even when we were ugly and full of sin! Isn’t that just the greatest story ever? He is our Father and it’s the greatest love story ever! I am so thankful for Lucy and her life and to even get to be a part of her life feels like such a HUGE privilege!! 
Has it been easy?    NO 
Is it worth it?     100% YES 
God says we are worth it… the cross was worth it for our salvation…
Lucy is SO SO SO worth it and so much more!!

Celebrating 1 year!!!

Big Brothers ROCK!!
Sweet Lucy worn completely out. 🙂

First bath after Spica cast being off!!! It was glorious!!!
Another awesome day this summer was that we got to meet up with 5 other adoptive mommas in Chattanooga!! It was so much and a whole bus load of kids between us all!! Total: 6 mommas, 24 kids (7 of them from China)

Zoe loving on Lucy Lu. 🙂

Momo loving on Lucy. 🙂 

This summer has been hard and great… but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!
And we made a video to commemorate it all… with a fun surprise at the end. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Click here if you have trouble viewing it on blogger: http://animoto.com/play/Tayh5TR21e2bJLsbaKbHjQ

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