I know you all have been patiently waiting for the rest of our story…

Here it is…

Part 2:

So, we submitted our LOI (letter of intent) for this little girl that we just “knew” was OURS! Chad had said YES and we were 100% ready to make her our daughter! Two days after we submitted our paperwork to China, our social worker called to tell me that they had said: No! You see, I was not going to be turning 30 years old until February 26, 2013. (China law says both adoptive parents must be 30 years of age before adopting from their country.) We thought it would be ok and they would approve us because I would definitely be 30 by the time we traveled, but they said No, I needed to turn 30 first.     —I was DEVASTATED!!!!— I just KNEW that this little girl was our Lucy!!!  I knew that we were supposed to be her parents and now they said No. And to make matters worse, this little girl’s file was going to be expiring with our agency and would be moved to a new agency the next month. I knew then that she would be forever gone and I was going to have to let her go. At this point all I could think about was that the Lord said No for a reason, and that she was in fact, not our “Lucy” even though my heart never could let her go. I thought about her all the time and looked at the waiting list every night before I went to sleep. I even asked our social worker to “try” and keep an eye on her list if she possibly could to tell me if another family was going to adopt her. I wanted to make sure she was taken care of and loved!!
We continued on with our paperwork for our adoption, since there was still lots to do for it. We had completed our homestudy and was awaiting for the final approval for it to be submitted to the state. And then one night it happened…I looked at the waiting list one night (it was the first of November) and her picture was gone!! I cried yet again!! I was just hoping by some chance that she would stay on it! I would have to officially move on and just wait for a match or wait to find another little girl on a waiting list when it was officially “our turn” when I was closer to turning 30. I did not understand at that time why I was SO very attached to this little girl that I had NEVER met!! I had only seen pictures of her and had an outdated medical file. They were like small, tiny glimpses into her life. This little girl was so very delayed and I knew that she needed a lot of care. Chad kept telling me that he just knew she was ours and to quit worrying, that God had a plan and we needed to just trust Him. I kept thinking that there was no way we would find her again but just couldn’t figure out why my heart didn’t want to let her go……

But… around November 12, our social worker called me to tell me that our Homestudy had been approved and it was ready to be sent off to USCIS (united states center for immigration) to receive their approval and we would also be receiving a fingerprinting appointment (to make sure we weren’t federal criminals). 🙂 AND then she breaks the news to me that this little girl, the same one we WANTED, had been moved to a NEW list that Lifeline had called: Special Focus list. They STILL had her file!!!! AND it would be there until January and then they said they would apply for an extension on it!! This information was like water in a dry desert!!! I was sooooooo excited…
There were still many unknowns and many possible things that might happen…like if another family wanted to look at her file and put it on hold and/or another family wanted to pursue her file….BUT again, we knew that God had this whole timeline in His hands and He ultimately knew where she was supposed to be and knew who her family was supposed to be. 🙂

So…..our agency applied for a one month extension on her file on January 26…then on February 12, I officially put her file on hold again for our family. (they can be held for two weeks) THEN on February 26 (my 30th bday) we officially submitted our Letter of Intent once again….AND…….
on March 4 I got the AWESOME and AMAZING phone call from our agency that we had received Pre-Approval for our LUCY!!!!!! Of course I cried!!! I called Chad and was so excited!! Lucy was going to be our daughter and now all we had in front of us was more paperwork to complete! We still had a long road, but she was going to be our daughter and that’s all the all that mattered!

We then submitted our Dossier file to China (this is a big file that holds lots and lots of info on Chad and I- birth cert, marriage license, our physical clearances, our police clearances, etc etc etc).
This file would arrive in China at their adoption center, it would be logged in to their system, translated, and then they would officially send us our Letter Of Acceptance aka Letter Seeking Confirmation. This can take anywhere from 30-90 days….and so we were once again in the waiting….

Most of the time in adoptions….you hurry up to wait…but at least we knew it wouldn’t be that much longer until we could go get our sweet Lucy. 🙂

More to come on the rest of our process and timeline…and updates on Lucy girl. 🙂

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