Hey all!

I wanted to update you on our adoption journey to Charlie Mei! Some of you might be looking at her name and wondering why we changed the spelling…. and most of you probably don’t care or haven’t noticed… but just amuse me and pretend for a moment that you just have to know. Mei Mei is “little sister” in mandarin. We decided to change the spelling of Mae to Mei to keep a bit of her heritage with her name. She is “little sister” to her brothers. 😉

Now onto more important matters….

Happy Dance

We received our LOA (letter of acceptance) from China on March 20. We were told it was on it’s way on March 13, but got the hard copy a week later. In adoption world, this is a BIG deal and you do a happy dance and the jive when it comes! It’s then that you realize that leaving for China is going to be coming sooner than later and all the waiting is coming to a close! In our journey to Lucy, we traveled 2 months after we received our LOA for her. But, she was a medical expedite, so it might take another week or two to wait on our Travel Approval for Charlie Mei. We will wait some more… I’ve gotten quite good at it.

Juggling Act

Amidst the day to day homeschooling, running my Trendy Mom Club business, prepping Kids Church, being a momma to my 4 kiddos and so on…I stay quite busy… but oh, how I still ache to have Charlie Mei home! It’s like a missing puzzle piece and it’s just not complete until the last piece is in place! 🙂

A Bumpy Road

I know it’s hard for most to understand why in the world we would do this adoption process all over again… I mean…
-it’s expensive
-it’s taxing
-it takes you to hard places emotionally, spiritually, and physically

But again, when God sets before you life or death, I choose life. I want to live this life He has given me to the fullest!! I want to always “say yes” to His leading and direction and calling on my life. Chad and I were presented this gift, this journey to another daughter, and it took some major deep breathing and LOTS of praying to even jump off the cliff and dive in. We looked at each other, held hands took a deep breath and took the plunge. Let me tell you that this past year has been the hardest season of our entire lives. It’s been one that I cannot go into full details about but what I can tell you is that even in our darkest night, God was there. He never left us and has never let go of us. (In time, maybe I will be able to share our full story of God’s restoration in our lives this past year.) When you hit the “hard and rocky path” and then that path turns into a full blown wooded forest where you can’t see anything that is in front of you… it’s then the Bible truly comes to life and you either choose to believe it with all your heart and take Jesus by the hand and let Him lead you through that forest OR you try and go through it all on your own. We had to make that choice and I’m so thankful that Jesus guided us through it! We are not done yet… this Christian journey of living for Jesus is not a sprint, but a marathon. It’s a day by day, step by step, continual dependance on Him!

Isaiah 43:2 says, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through the fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.”

He never said we wouldn’t go through waters or the rivers or the fire… He said He would be with us and it would not consume or overtake us.

Trust & Obey

One truly amazing thing that has blown me away this past year is the simple fact that when we started this journey to Charlie Mei, we simply went off faith in all aspects of bringing her home to our family. The big mountain that was in front of us was called: adoption costs lots of money, and it seemed like a REALLY big mountain. I had my doubts over and over again, but yet Chad kept telling me that God was going to provide every single dime. It truly is an amazing miracle to me how we are so very close to being fully funded. We got to see God provide time after time throughout this whole process. Sometimes He sent it in big sums & other times in small increments and all from the most giving hearts of those who just want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. I sit in awe of how God simply doesn’t look at money like we do. To us, it seems like the tallest of mountains, but to Him, it’s nothing but a mustard seed. It’s another one of those things that has been a part of our restoration that God has been bringing us through this past year. He is restoring us to be close to His side and that we would not leave or not make one move without His lead. We are still so human and have so much growing to do. I’m so thankful that He loves us so much and that His mercy is new every morning. Chad and I are just vessels that want to be used for God’s kingdom; bringing His kingdom to the chaos of this world.

What Lies Ahead

We hopefully will travel in May to bring Charlie Mei home! We are so excited and incredibly grateful that we get to be her mom and dad. I will continue to update our journey. I will be posting updates here and on our “Loved and Spoken For” page on Facebook.

For our local people: we are having a BIG yard sale on April 11. We would love your donations and of course, want you to come SHOP!!!!

For everyone: We are selling hats, visors, bows and sunhats for our final fundraiser. Check them out under our Fundraiser tab. 🙂

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