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Brining Charlie Mae Home

Where are we on the map?

… this Christian journey of living for Jesus is not a sprint, but a marathon. It’s a day by day, step by step, continual dependance on Him!

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“FRIEND”RAISER… raising 20K for ONEless

Welcome to our "Friend"raiser!!20K for ONElessWanted: 2,000 friends to commit and join with usOur Goal: $20,000(It's a big one, we know... but our God is a BIG God and we believe it can happen)This will get us to the FULLY FUNDED mark!!!First of all, Chad and I want...

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Crazy Love 4 Charlie Mae

Since tomorrow is National Orphan Sunday it's the perfect time to officially introduce you to Charlie Mae our 5th child, our second daughter from China, and our sweet surprise... Isn't she adorable??? I'm in LOVE!! Those pics were taken when Charlie Mae was around...

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Living our insane, bold, crazy, and awesome life…

Hey everyone!I hope your summer has been amazing!!FIRST an update on our family and then some BIG news!!!! (stay tuned) Lucy, who had reconstructive hip surgery in April, finally got her big Spica cast off on July 21 and it was a glorious day!!! She is in a brace for...

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Results are in…

When God said that He had plans to prosper and not to harm us (Jeremiah 29:11), I know He meant it. I know He meant it when we are on top of the mountain of life and things are going great and I know He meant it when we are in the trenches of the valley and life is so...

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Your Mercy in Disguise

This morning I heard Laura Story’s song: Blessings for the 1,000th time. I have always loved that song but never has it spoke to me as it did this morning... I decided it was time I share my heart and this song is the perfect way to do it.We pray for blessings...We...

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So I had all these wonderful plans to sit down and write out the rest of the timeline up until now...and it didn't happen...somehow between my 3 kiddos, monogramming and day to day living in our crazy house... I just didn't get a chance to finish our story up until...

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Finally…the rest of our story…

I know you all have been patiently waiting for the rest of our story...Here it is...Part 2:So, we submitted our LOI (letter of intent) for this little girl that we just "knew" was OURS! Chad had said YES and we were 100% ready to make her our daughter! Two days after...

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Charlie Mae

Charlie Mae

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